Report – Marchionne confirms LaFerrari Spider but says the Dino revival is not happening image

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ferrari CEO has recently took the time to unravel some of the company’s plans for the Prancing Horse’s future.

Marchionne started with the obvious – confirming the upcoming speedy arrival of the LaFerrari Spider. Aside from stating that piece of information, the manager was actually pretty silent on specifics, adding only that “potential customers have already been approached” about snatching one of the limited edition hypercars. There aren’t many details about the LaFerrari Spider – aside from the fact that it loses the roof – and that it could be revealed in June during the famous Ferrari Cavalcade. The build will only include 150 to 200 units and the usual powertrain, a hybridized combo between a 6.3-liter V12 engine and an electric motor, will be on point to handle duties.

On the other hand, Marchionne delivered a blow to retro fans, quelling the possibility of a Dino revival. According to the executive there are still issues to be resolved, some of them left unanswered so far, including where the Dino fits in, its pricing and how will it stand next to the new generation 488 GTB. Additionally, Marchionne also confirmed “as soon as electrification is ready, we’ll have a bunch of even better performing Ferraris.” This is a blunt suggestion that more hybrid Ferraris are on the way, even though before the outspoken manager claimed he fights against the electrification of the legendary brand.

Via Automobile Magazine