Report – Maserati going for plug-in hybrids before 2020 image

According to the latest report, the president of Maserati has revealed the Italian luxury brand will have plug in hybrid powertrains for its models within a few years in order to comply with the upcoming stricter emissions regulations.

The move is actually essentially linked to the need to go down in terms of average emissions levels to comply with the regulations in Europe and America – and since they all come to fruition by 2020 naturally the carmaker will also need to make said models available by then. The one exception to the new powertrain option will be the Alfieri sports coupe – but other than that all the other models in the lineup will feature a plug-in hybrid version: the Ghibli, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, GranCabrio, and the Levante SUV. There’s no detail about the brand also offering hybrid or micro-hybrid versions, although the latter (featuring auto start/stop and better energy management) are to be expected across the rest of the model variants that don’t use the plug-in hybrid powertrain.

During the same discussion, Maserati chief Harald Wester also confirmed the introduction of a 48V electrical system, next to the plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the future Ghibli PHEV. While the new version is expected to come at a higher price than a regular Ghibli, the company says the costs may be offset by the countries that favor such powertrains through incentives. Giulio Pastore, European general manager of the brand, also promised the new PHEV variants will not have an impact on performance.

Via Autocar