Report – Mazda patent points towards twin-turbo electric supercharger image

The Japanese automaker is keeping up with the grands by deploying very interesting technologies – from the upcoming new Skyactiv-X version of its gasoline engine with compression ignition to this new idea.

The new patent application is again intended to prolongate the lease of life bestowed upon ICE motors, with the engine in the filling being equipped with no less than three boosting systems – two conventional turbochargers and an electric supercharger. It’s actually quite similar to an older application coming from Volvo, which was offering a similar solution on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor some years ago – but it never materialized. Now we’ll see if the Japanese carmaker has more success with it.

The basics explain that when using the electric supercharger it’s going to build pressure in the low end of the rev range, getting rid of the turbo lag, while the twin-turbo setup is used for efficiency and higher power in the upper part of the rev scale. Of course, there’s also an intercooler to handle the air intake of the electric supercharger and the turbochargers. According to reports, this solution is obviously intended for a rear-wheel drive model, so we should be excited for the excited for what seems like a sporty engine being prepared for a new Mazda sports car.

Via Motor Trend