Report – Mazda preparing new rotary prototype for Tokyo Motor Show image

The Japanese automaker has had a love/hate relationship with rotary power across time, but it seems they’re not close to actually letting go – even though the final production car to feature it appeared back in 2011 as the RX-8 Spirit R special edition.

Many thought that was the end of the road for the technology – which has been championed by Mazda and nobody else for years – but then the Japanese brand came out with the stunning RX-Vision concept back in 2015. And of course, rumors swarmed – more so this year because Mazda also celebrated five decades of rotary power, saying “the story’s not over yet.” Now there’s a new report claiming the story will continue with a new prototype ready for unveiling at Mazda’s home show taking place in Tokyo starting October 25.

It is alleged the new concept car will arrive as a further improvement of the RX Vision, thus taking a step closer to production, with Matsuhiro Tanaka, Mazda’s Vice President for R&D in Europe revealing this will be an “intention from the engineering and design community to make it a reality, what I will say is that we are making the utmost efforts to try and make this a possibility.” On this occasion – unlike the MX-5 / 124 Spider project, Mazda has decided to implicate no one in the project, even if teaming up with another automaker meant lower development and production costs.

Via Auto Express