Report – Mazda’s new Skyactiv-X engine family to add PHEV image

The Japanese automaker is set to introduce the planet’s first compression ignition gasoline engine, which is dubbed as a revolutionary concept that lowers ‘well-to-wheel’ emissions even below the electric vehicle threshold.

Mazda – a small player – has always conceived things outside the box, both in terms of design and technology, and this may very well have been the key to its ongoing survival and recent successes. Their latest pledge – deliver a new generation of petrol engines that would be more environmentally friendly even when compared to electric cars, thanks to the introduction of the very efficient compression ignition technology. They may also have a secret to that cleaner than electrics claim – the reported use of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain from 2021 onwards. This version would arrive as the final drivetrain version of the Skyactiv-X engine family.

First off will be the new gasoline engines, arriving to retire the current Skyactiv-G units starting sometime in 2019. The new engines make use of the compression ignition technology – a panache of diesel motors until now. Mazda says using this tech makes the gasoline engine 30% more efficient, close or above the Skyactiv-D diesel engine characteristics. Mazda has recently partnered with Toyota for research and development and will see mild hybrids and pure electric models added to its range soon – again starting 2019.