Everybody was on board the hype express when British media started reporting of the possible introduction of a very limited edition model that would act as the direct successor of the McLaren F1, with three-seat layout and all.

We were equally enthused by the endless possibilities such a model could deliver, but it appears the things are a little more complicated. Company’s chief Mike Flewitt says this follow-up isn’t going to happen because he doesn’t think there’s a business case for the model. But there’s a ray of light in there as well – the executive went on to specify the company has been specifically asked on numerous occasions to build a V12-powered, three-seater supercar with a manual transmission, but “it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do now.” He was a little bit clear when he said “we’re not going to make another one” to the journalists gathered for the company’s financial results session.

The limited edition special series presented by McLaren so far – for example the 675LT Coupe and Spider – have all reached sold out status extremely quickly. So we’re still rooting for McLaren to come up with a spiritual successor or direct follow-up to the F1, because the potential client base is already there. We might not get all the equation variables – naturally aspirated V12s are now behemoths of the past, but we could still see a manual gearbox and a tree-seat layout with central driving position.

Via Car & Driver


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