According to the latest rumor flying around the mill, McLaren is secretly brewing yet another special series, arguably based off the already sold-out 675LT Coupe.

McLaren has resurrected itself from being that automaker that has a presence in the F1 and one of the most important supercars of the 1990s into a proper supercar manufacturer – and much of its success resides from the tremendous popularity of its special editions. It appears the British producer is looking to further capitalize on the matter and will deliver in time for the upcoming early-March Geneva Motor Show yet another new car that will have a limited production run and will be sold out possibly even before it’s introduced. According to the report, the McLaren Special Operations is in charge of development and as such it has codenamed “MSO HS” (High Sport), though it appears the actual name will also gain a “688” moniker. And this is due to the iturbo 3.8-liter V8 engine being updated to deliver 688 PS (678 hp / 506 kW) instead of the 675LT Coupe and Spider that bring to the table “just” 675 PS (666 hp / 496 kW).

Besides using a feistier engine, the new special edition is also expected to lose some weight as more carbon fiber would be used. We don’t know how much the diet will help, but we do know the 675LT Coupe is at 2,711 pounds (1,230 kilograms) dry. Also in order to improve the aerodynamic aspects a new rear wing would be added to increase downforce on the rear wheels. McLaren would also offer just 25 vehicles with the new moniker and all of them would be using the coupe body version – though we could bet that if successful later on we’ll also see a Spider derivative.



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