Report – McLaren to introduce cap once it increases production to about 5,000 units image

The British supercar manufacturer has been expanding rapidly in just a few years, with the company even expecting to double the production numbers from the 2015 result.

According to a recent report quoting Mike Flewitt, the CEO of McLaren, the brand will be pushing to manufacture and deliver about 3,000 units this year, compared to the 2015 result of 1,654 examples. While the almost double sales figure seems ambitious enough, the make has even bigger plans lying ahead, as during the interview the executive hinted McLaren will be manufacturing 4,500 to 5,000 cars a year by 2022. When that happens the brand’s top production capacity will be capped at “around 5,000 units” and McLaren doesn’t want to “significantly increase” deliveries from that point – most likely to make sure exclusivity is still an argument for them.

The strategy to impose a top end for sales in place at most luxury manufacturers in one form or the other. For example Ferrari is most famous for estimating how many examples of one model line it should build – and then producing one less. For now, McLaren is also working on expanding its dealership network while also admitting the Woking company is still in its “infancy” – though the rivals now have “much greater awareness.”