Report – McLaren working on an electric supercar coming in under the P1 image

The British automaker has already explained on more than one occasion it’s considering the hybrid and electric powertrains as an integral part of its future business expertise, so this rumored track-oriented Ultimate Series range addition shouldn’t actually be a surprise.

While it’s not a surprise, it’s still intriguing to see McLaren – a manufacturer so deeply associated with the classic supercar sector – go after the new age of electrics. The reported new EV model should slot in below the P1 hybrid hypercar and be part of the Ultimate Series car lineup. According to McLaren’s Track 22 business plan, more than half of the company’s models will have electrification by the turn of the decade, and there were numerous rumors about the upcoming successor of the P1 hybrid going for the full electric treatment. The most recent rumor though states the company will instead deliver a brand new car as an all-electric supercar featured in the range under the P1.

With a track focus, the electric model should emulate the performance provided by road-going versions such as the 675LT. “We have started work on a pure EV to sit in the Ultimate Series… We need to make an EV that’s as exciting as a 675LT,” commented a source. “An electric McLaren would need to manage 30 minutes on track with a 30-minute break before heading back out again.” It appears the strategy includes better acceleration off the line than in a 675LT, meaning it would have to manage a 62 miles per hour (100 km/h) sprint of no more than 2.9 seconds.

Via Auto Express