Codenamed “BP23,” the new three-seater McLaren, designed as the flagship member of the family as well as an homage to the legendary F1 of the 90s, has already been pre-sold.

Such a surprise – right – there were quick and eager affluent buyers for the model that pays tribute to one of the greatest cars of all time rather than simply be a tribute to the P1. We also found out recently its price tag – £2 million (about $2.5 million or €2.3million), which is in the same ballpark as the spanking new Bugatti Chiron. Despite the cool price tag, the significantly more exclusive model from Woking – just 106 cars instead of 500 Chirons – has already been sold. Customers looking to snatch one had to place a five-figure deposit for the “hyperluxury GT” which is yet to have been attributed an official name. It’s of course going to be the brand’s most powerful and aerodynamic road car ever.

This will be another bespoke commission from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and the division will naturally work alongside the 106 owners to select everything – from color to trim and everything in between. The fullsize central driver’s seat is joined by two slightly smaller passenger seats which can still feat an adult each, and it’s of course expected to come out on top of the 904-hp P1 even though it might feature an even smaller turbocharged V6 engine.

Via Automotive News


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