Report – Mercedes AMG chief thinks the future is electric image

The German automaker’s sports division has already made its apprenticeship in terms of electric cars with the development of the rare SLS AMG Electric Drive from 2013, and now more electrified models are allegedly in tow.

We do have one specific confirmation on a hybrid – the Project One is inspired by the world of Formula One and as such uses the hybridization forms available there. The model should arrive first at the fall’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September with a very small gasoline V6 also taken from the F1 cars and a rumored total output of 1,020 horsepower. According to a report citing the AMG head Tobias Moers, this is just the start of the revolution. The recently introduced AMG GT four-door concept has also been branded an EQ – the Mercedes line of eco cars – though to keep its performance credentials it uses a new “EQ Power+” badge to denote the hybrid powertrain. It will arrive as the AMG GT changes generations in 2018 or 2019, with the sedan “not far beyond”.

Plug in hybrid technology is also coming at Mercedes’ sporty division, according to Moers the AMG series is “not able to change the future.” “We have to adapt to these new requirements and regulations, and we have to move forward and find new innovative solutions.” He also admitted that fully electric models will also arrive at one point in the future – most likely after Mercedes itself starts churning them out under the EQ moniker.

Via Automotive News