Report – Mercedes-AMG could donate engines to Alpine image

The collaboration between Daimler and the Renault Nissan alliance may prove even more fruitful than previously known, if we were to believe the latest report on the partnership’s development.

Renault is on its way towards delivering into showrooms the first model coming from the Alpine brand revival and a recent report surrounding the newly reminted marquee has to do with the French looking to have Mercedes-AMG engines fitted under the hood. There aren’t too many details to go about for now but apparently Renault would make use of its great collaboration between Daimler and the Renault Nissan Alliance. As we all know, they have a very successful relationship that spans across cross-sharing of platforms and drivetrains. The report goes on to say that Renault’s executive vice president for product and planning Bruno Ancelin may have let slip the AMG engines are a great solution for the revival of the Alpine brand. The latter is going to introduce the production version of the Alpine Vision concept this year and a full roster of models will be offered in the near future.

“We have two solutions,” Ancelin was quoted saying. “Either we take one [engine] that is available in the Alliance and we fine tune it for more power. Or we can buy on the market. I heard in the presentation of the new DB11 from Aston Martin they are buying their V8s from AMG. That is possible, too. We have some cooperation with Daimler. We can buy engines on the market – there is no problem to share that.” For now, it is believed the first iteration coming from Alpine would first use a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol unit, while larger models to pack six-cylinder powertrains as Ancelin added “we could have coupe, cabriolet, we could have a hatchback; we could have everything that is usable in a sporty brand.” 

Via AutoExpress