Report – Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 to borrow the drivetrain from the E63 image

The former compact offering from Mercedes – called GLK back in the day – didn’t have the time to receive a high-performance flagship version and Mercedes-AMG is trying to make up the lost sales now.

As such the automaker seems willing to make up for the lost time and deliver quicker the GLC 63 version – which is now allegedly going to feature an unexpected power enhancement. That’s because while the rumor mill was mulling for the powertrain from the C63 version which would have been used unchanged, reportedly now Tobias Moers – the supreme chief of Mercedes-AMG – has actually commented during a recent interview the crossover would deploy the same powertrain as the one presented in the yet to be released 2017 E63. This means the GLC63 will trump the current rating of 469 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque the C63 has – and of course the GLC63 S version will consequently be more powerful than the C63 S which packs 503 hp and 516 lb-ft.

The executive also detailed a bit the GLC63, revealing the all-wheel drive will be standard and the gearbox will be the nine-speed automatic. For now, the rumors about the E63 and E63 S claim the outputs will stand at 550 hp and 580 hp, respectively. The model is also going to employ a “totally new drivetrain, with a new four-wheel-drive system engineered by us,” as revealed by Moers. He also added all upcoming 63 versions would use the new AMG-developed setup which also grants the possibility to have some RWD fun when the driver wants.