Report – Mercedes-AMG hypercar could directly deploy Formula One engine image

The German automaker’s sports division revealed during the ongoing Paris Motor Show it would introduce in the years to come a new model – a hypercar using Formula One-derived technology.

The Mercedes-AMG unit is looking an entry into the next generation of the holy hybrid hypercar family – today made out of the LaFerrari, P1 and 918 Spyder. So far we knew the model would be using a hybrid system inspired by the technology used in the German automaker’s Formula 1 car. At that point, the reports were also eagerly hinting at an engine developed from the race car – but it appears AMG chief Tobias Moers has actually let slip the vehicle would use an actual F1 engine. “We’re not talking about ‘inspired’”, he said during a recent interview.

Formula One engines – since 2014 – are 1.6-liter, turbocharged V6 units assisted by a hybrid system fed by kinetic and heat energy recovery systems. Mercedes’ racing team recently revealed the F1 powertrain has 1000 horsepower in qualifying mode. “We will have to change some things,” Moers said, “but if you have a closer look to the Formula 1 engine and the demands – what they have now in the spec book – and you compare the loads of F1 cars we’re racing on a track… compare that one to what we apply for a street-legal car which you use on the track, for sure it’s still different but it’s not that far away.” They are also looking to bring the most efficient hybrid system ever – while an all-carbon fiber body and chassis will be “mandatory” to secure the 1000 kilogram (220 pound) weight target.