Report – Mercedes-AMG might deliver a GT4 to rival the Panamera image

According to the media, the division’s chief Tobias Moers has revealed the second generation Mercedes-AMG GT is already in the works and the rumor about a derived sedan might actually be true.

Ever since the apparition of the Mercedes-AMG performance coupe the rumor mill has been swirling with desire and angst about an exclusive high-performance sedan – and now it seems the best indication about it being true has finally arrived. While talking about the unit’s future strategy, Moers declared “All rumours are not necessarily wrong,” when talking about a possible Porsche Panamera rival – coming as a production model in 2019. Numerous sources have been preoccupied with the model – so we also get a possible name: GT4.

Additionally, it should arrive on a reworked version of the MRA platform, which is actually used by the C-, E-, and S-Class. Aluminum and high-strength steel would be used to keep weight at a minimum, and a unique suspension layout would put the GT4 next to the rest of AMG models. Mercedes-AMG just revealed the latest version – the AMG GT C coupe – during the Detroit Auto Show, but Moers confirmed work on the second generation model is already under way – so we might get to see the sedan and new coupe concurrently.

Via Motoring