The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar has already made its official debut for a select group during the Geneva Motor Show in March, but the rest of us need to wait until autumn for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Fortunately, the leaks keep coming and we now allegedly know more information about the hypercar. The latest details don’t have to do with the a “truly wild thing, extreme in every respect” as it was described by one of the attendees, but with juicy technical details. It appears the Project One’s powertrain will include the 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine from the F1 car, engineered to work with no less than four electric motors. The turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine is being adapted from Mercedes-AMG’s title-grabbing W07 Formula 1 car will apparently output no less than 748 horsepower (558 kilowatts). Two electric motors will drive the front wheels, the other two are being used for the turbocharger and the crankshaft.

All four motors are apparently putting out another 408 hp (304 kW) and the combined output will stand at 1,020 hp (761 kW). According to the same report source, the halo car from Affalterbach is also tipping the scales at less than 2,900 pounds (1,315 kilograms) and should be good for electric travel of up to 30 miles (48 kilometers). Mercedes-AMG’s new king will only be produced in 275 units and should feature an eye-popping price tag of $2.4 million.

Via Automobile Magazine 


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