Report – Mercedes-AMG X-Class is not yet in the cards image

We have been discussing X Class rumors well before the introduction of the first-ever pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz, and the AMG version was a subject of recurrence.

Powerful, V8 pickups are usually the panache of the North American market, and since Mercedes has seemingly no intention to enter the market with the X Class, there’s also arguably no reason to produce a high-performance AMG version. The regular X Class will be one of the most powerful models in the class once all versions are being sold, both for the European and Australian markets, but there’s apparently no intention to produce something in the lines of the Ford Ranger Raptor. Mercedes-Benz Vans global boss Volker Mornhinweg, speaking to media at the X Class introduction, said “I think the car is quite impressive already when it comes to styling and so on,” adding “I think the product is not right for V8.”

There’s a catch here – and those familiar with the AMG lineup might actually have caught wind – the Mercedes-AMG engine family also has a smaller 3.0-liter V6 turbo. In related news, the company is already preparing a variation of the model, a cab-chassis configuration – already confirmed at least for the Australian version. It’s a true workhorse, so just the base trim levels would be offered, but it would still secure no less than 18 versions for the family in Australia.

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