Report – Mercedes’ autos could turn into driverless personal assistants image

It appears Daimler’s chairman of the board of directors, Dieter Zetsche, has said the Mercedes brand will build in the near future autonomous cars that can be the owner’s personal assistant and even wellbeing monitor.

While giving a keynote speech during the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Zetsche said that in the company’s opinion the future vehicles will one day relieve persons from chores and tasks – in a move towards improving the quality of life and lower stress. For example, cars will talk amongst themselves to deliver more efficient journeys and in the near future this shared communication data will be used to find spaces to park themselves, for example. “We’ve already begun testing community-based parking in Stuttgart together with our partners at Bosch,” Dr. Zetsche said. “It works using car sensors that can find empty spaces along a road and then share the information with the Mercedes back-end database. That information is then shared with other Mercedes cars.”

After these intermediate steps, Zetsche said vehicles will start acting as an assistant – take kids to school, pick up people while the owner is at work or at home. “Everyone is talking about digitalisation and connected cars,” he added. “But software alone will not be able to take you from A to B. It is the total package that will take you from A to B.” In addition, he added Mercedes cars would make sure passengers are as comfortable as possible. “It’s our goal that a passenger gets out of a Mercedes in better condition than when they got in,” he continued. “The car will use its sensors to monitor the health and wellbeing of passengers, and then adjust settings to improve your situation and blood pressure.”

Via Autocar