Report – Mercedes-Benz E Class All Terrain to be official in October image

The Audi A6 Allroad fighter from Mercedes is reportedly going to become an official matter as early as October, the launch taking place concurrently alongside the regular E Class Estate.

This month only means one thing – both will be revealed in a world premiere in front of the audience of the Paris Motor Show, with the E Class All Terrain (the name is not official either) featuring as standard the 4MATIC four wheel drive system and a beefed up suspension to be able to cope with rougher terrains. The design will be very similar to the normal E Class Estate (T Modell in Germany) but with a crossover twist: plastic body cladding, ruggedized front and rear bumpers, unique alloy wheels, and other differentiations. The cabin will also feature new upholstery and bespoke trim to set it apart from the normal E Class Estate.

The powertrain options will naturally be the same ones as seen in the E Class sedan and Estate – a mix of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, joined later on during the life cycle of the models by a plug-in hybrid variant that will make use of a diesel engine / electric motor combination for better fuel economy. The model is also expected to exclusively feature the nine-speed automatic transmission and will also use the latest version of the air suspension to allow the driver to setup different levels of ground clearance. Other All Terrain models are expected to follow later on, with the first being the C Class variation that should go up against the Audi A4 Allroad.