Report – Mercedes-Benz pickup to wear AMG styling enhancements image

According to the most recent report on the upcoming Mercedes commercial vehicles pickup truck, the model will serve dual purposes – for those needing a workhorse and for the stylish pickup users.

That’s in the words of Daimler board member Ola Källenius who was interviewed on the sidelines of the New York International Auto Show and described the model as being compatible with workhorse and lifestyle users. Of course it won’t cater to the interests of both categories in a single package and instead it will spawn several commercial versions and others that are passenger-car oriented in a bid to increase its appeal. The Mercedes pickup could be called the X or Z Class and will use many parts and pieces from the Nissan Navara NP300. Being developed and tested by Daimler’s van unit the pickup will follow the philosophy of the VW Amarok, spanning enough versions to cover the entire spectrum of budgets. And more importantly the manager added the model will wear the three-pointed star logo with pride as it will have the expected level of quality and finish.

The executive was also adamant in quashing any possibility of an AMG version, either the warm 43 or the full blown high performance 63 with its V8. He did admit though the pickup would be delivered to those with enough money with an AMG styling package. He added the main markets of interest for the model will be South America, Australia, Africa, and “a little bit” of Europe. The US is out of the question, as the model is being considered too small for American tastes.