The second largest luxury automaker in the world has been keeping details concerning its upcoming Nissan Navara-inspired pickup truck close to headquarters.

So in the preceding months not many rumors about the model have been flying across the mill – but that changes today – the latest report is here to paint a wider picture, one that arguably includes the name of the model. According to the source, the pickup truck has been recently mentioned at a “top-secret Australian design forum” where attendees were told the model would come with an X Class or maybe even Z Class designation. The former is believed to be the main favorite as executives see it as painting a better picture of ruggedness and off-road capability – and maybe if it pans out it would even tie with the current mutant franchise that has the same naming scheme (you know, Wolverine, Professor X and Jennifer Lawrence, sorry Mystique).

Name aside, the truck should come with three different trim levels – a base model with regular truck users in mind, and two more upscale versions looking to please the truck “fashionistas.“ Powertrain options have not been disclosed yet but it appears at least two diesel options have been discussed for the model that will adopt the platform of the Nissan NP300 / Navara. One would be the base model’s 2.3-liter four-cylinder with 187 horsepower while the luxurious versions would come packing an optional six-banger with 255 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. Mercedes has previously commented the new truck would boast “all of Mercedes Benz’ distinctive characteristics and features.”

Via CarAdvice


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