Since we’re dealing with the German rocks star of off-roaders, this semi-official announcement for the G-Wagen’s new suspension setup abilities is a pretty important update.

Conceived back in 1979 out of an army vehicle, the original G Class was supposed to leave us for greener pastures when Mercedes first introduced the first-generation M Class in the 1990s, but of course the fan base and customers with deep pockets didn’t let that happen. Now the G Class is safely presenting itself with legendary status and is almost ready for the first major generational switch since the arrive of the 463-series way back in 1990. According to Gunnar Guethenke, the leader of the G-Class’ business unit, the said new generation is coming sometime in 2018 – with a newly developed front independent suspension and around four inches (10 centimeters) wider to make room for the occupants.

Off-road adventurers need not to worry because the body-on-frame setup will be retained, with Guethenke hinting this is of course considered the model’s backbones in terms of off-road prowess, next to the low-range gearing and its three locking differentials. The 2019 G Class is also expected to arrive with a new turbocharged six-cylinder version, but it’s still unknown if it will make use of the biturbo 3.0-liter V6 already seen on some 43-series models, or an entirely new inline-six from the new Mercedes family of engines.

Via Automotive News


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