Report – Mercedes-Benz to have eight models on front platform image

The German automaker is looking ready to head the world of premium automakers by allegedly enhancing the lower roster of its range, with new models arriving on the compact front wheel drive platform.

Mercedes-Benz seems satisfied with the deliveries gain from the front-wheel-drive models like the CLA-Class as the brand is reportedly preparing a huge roster on the architecture. The next generation of the platform will have no less than eight models riding on it, some of them also going to North America, with all-new additions such as a possible A-Class Sedan and GLB-Class crossover. Mercedes manager Ola Källenius has reportedly explained there will be eight models on the drawing board for the brand’s MFA2 platform, which is short for Modular Front-wheel-drive Architecture 2.

So far there are only five models riding it – including the A and B Class, the CLA and GLA. Källenius didn’t offer any details on the specific models but we can easily guess all versions of the existing platform will reach a new generation. From the A Sedan concept (pictured) we can easily understand there will be a production version to follow, reportedly with standard and long wheelbase options. The other major introduction will be a rugged GLB-Class crossover.

Via Car and Driver