Report – Mercedes doesn’t know if it will sell its upcoming pickup in the US image

While the United States market is choke full of pickup truck models – or maybe precisely because of that – Mercedes-Benz has reportedly been undecided if it should sell its upcoming pickup truck there.

An initial decision on the matter should have been revealed last year by the ex-Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon, but the announcement was postponed to the middle of the current year. Now it appears the term is going to be pushed back yet again with the new CEO Dietmar Exler claiming the final decision hasn’t been taken yet. “I don’t think we do ourselves a favor to come up with a defined timetable. It’s more important that we get it right,” commented the executive. He added the main focus for the development team is to make sure the pickup will live up to be a “true Mercedes inside and out.” In the meantime, the local division is also trying to find out if the pickup should be launched in the United States. For that MB USA is discussing the idea with a group of dealers across the country to harness the necessary feedback.

According to Mercedes’ largest dealer, AutoNation, through the voice of its CEO Mike Jackson, the tentatively called GLT / X-Class shouldn’t come to the US market due to heavy competition from excellent pickups sold by GM, Ford, and FCA. We’re still waiting for the Navara-based model to come out in the open meanwhile, with a design that should entitle us to call it a Mercedes. The interior is also rumored to offer two versions – a “commercial”, basic one aimed at those treating it as a workhorse and an upscale variant for those looking at it like a lifestyle model.