Report – Mercedes-Maybach to come semi-topless in Landaulet form in Paris image

The autumn Paris Motor Show is still home to some interesting topless moments – after all the meteorologists keep telling us the cabriolet season keeps getting longer every year.

Apparently one of those moments will involve a hugely-expensive ride – the Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet, which should be a half droptop version of the regular luxury sedan. According to the rumor mill almost in-house tuner Brabus will be asked to handle the manufacturing duties for this limited production model. If you don’t remember, the landaulet is today probably the ultimate epitome of automotive opulence – the affluent owner gets to enjoy the sun (we hope he wears an expensive sun lotion) in the open rear compartment, while the chauffeur will be confined to the separate, closed cabin up front. Oh, how times have changed – back in the day the driver was the one unprotected and the owners were sitting unafraid of the elements.

Mercedes-Maybach is a good call for those wealthy enough to enjoy such moments and they will reportedly deliver the very special luxury saloon S650 Landaulet, making its debut at the Paris Motor Show in early October. Just like the Pullman – another small run model – Brabus will do the construction and this time around they’ll also be using their engine expertise. They will deliver the same V12 as in the Pullman but power will jump from 523 horsepower in the ultra long-wheelbase model to 650 hp in this semi-droptop.

Via Autogespot