Report – Mercedes might bring the G500 4×4² to the US market image

Mercedes-Benz is one of those automakers that still have a traditional strand in their DNA – in this case called the Geländewagen – that iconic off-roader that has remained almost unchanged for years and years.

This old-school off-road monster is still kicking while being treated to the latest comfort, technology and safety features. Aside from that, you can also make it utterly cool by slapping on AMG badges or an extra pair of wheels. And according to Bart Herring, Mercedes’ general manager of product planning in the United States, we don’t have to fear it will disappear too soon, because it’s here “for the long term.” For the United States market the executive also has further good news, because he tipped the possible addition of a new version.

The one hinted is none other than the baddest baddie of them all aside from the 6×6 – the G500 4×4² that has only been offered in select markets across Europe since 2015. Herring tipped the brand is “very close to a good decision” regarding US availability of this G-Wagen that can literally go anywhere. This particular version makes good use of all the goodies found in a regular G550, such as the new, 4.0-liter, biturbocharged V8, but has been slapped on a set of 22-inch wheels wrapped in 325/55-series tires, while the suspension lift will make you carry around a stairwell for getting in and out. The 2016 model year G Class has also been treated to a modified front end while the hues are now even expansive – and there’s always the availability of the humongous 621-horsepower AMG G65 that has been placed atop the previous flagship G63 on the American soil.