Report – Mercedes might retire the SLC image

While it recently got a facelift and a new name, the former SLK now turned SLC roadster might be in jeopardy, alongside other models in the automaker’s roster, such as the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet.

Mercedes-Benz has been on a family enlargement plan lately – adding new models in niches that never even existed before – just to try and outgun the enemies from BMW and Audi. But according to the latest report not all of those niches will survive in the long run, with certain existing nameplates in jeopardy of not receiving a successor. For example, the SLC – the former SLK – is getting the retirement ticket. Apparently the most affordable convertible in the lineup has disappeared for good from the cycle plan,” according to Automobile Magazine. With the recent arrival of the refresh though, the SLC might live on for a few more years – complete with its hardtop cover, which has now become a rarity on the market, even though a few years ago it was all the rage.

More so, the report also discusses the upcoming next-generation SL, which is rumored to lose the metal roof in favor of the classic soft fabric cover, when it comes out sometime in 2020. Apparently, there are also big changes in store – the all-new version should come with a lighter architecture shared with the successor of the AMG GT and have a more spacious 2+2 interior. With the SL being morphed into something of an open top grand tourer, the S Coupe and Cabriolet might not have their own successors, getting next to the SLC in the retirement village.

Via Automobile Magazine