Report – Mercedes outing new version for the E Class: All-Terrain image

The most recent report surrounding the rumor mill favorite Mercedes Benz E Class has to do with the automaker’s plans to mimic the Audi A6 Allroad and launch a mild off-road version of the E Class estate.

The rugged wagon would go head to head with the Audi A6 Allroad, which has proven it can be successful in the niche that was initially popularized by the Volvo XC70, with the Mercedes version naturally based off the company’s yet to be launched E Class Estate (T Modell), allegedly wearing at the time of launch the E Class All-Terrain index. It appears this rugged version would not wait too long before its introduction, tipped for a September reveal alongside the regular estate version. European deliveries could the start almost immediately before the end of the year but so far a crossover to the US dealerships looks highly unlikely as Mercedes’ Matthias Luhrs has been commenting that crossover-inspired wagons are mostly popular in certain markets and Americans don’t have too much love for station wagons.

The rumors are also converging on the C Class All-Terrain but the hints here are less obvious – though the same executive has said the company is “obviously” considering it. Aside from the E Class estate and E Class All-Terrain, Mercedes is reportedly keeping itself busy with the launches of the new C Class convertible in August, followed by the introduction of the GLC Coupe and the updated version of the C 450 AMG 4MATIC.

Via Motoring