The German automaker, which managed to recapture a position in the global sales race last year, finishing second, is reportedly looking for a strong year start.

After the carmaker finally delivered the highly anticipated new generation E Class executive sedan during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, it’s now naturally gearing up to deliver some compelling introductions during the first event on its home continent. So, the rumors flying around the mill put Mercedes en route to Switzerland for the Geneva Motor Show in March with the 2017 C Class Cabriolet and the C43 AMG models. The automaker is looking ready to debut the eagerly anticipated cabriolet version of the current midsize sedan during the Geneva Motor Show and we can actually already say it’s going to be a compelling ride since we saw it being driven for tests bearing almost no camouflage – as is the pattern with Mercedes prototypes nowadays.

The base cabriolet of the brand will have a classic retractable soft-top roof, a windscreen-mounted air deflector, and even a power retractable wind stop tucked behind the rear seats. We’re also looking at careful design changes to the back of the car (of course, aside from the mandatory changes to the top level) which could sport a different design for the taillights compared to the Coupe brethren. The engine lineup should be very familiar as it uses the same units found in the aforementioned coupe – petrol and diesel options vary between 241 and 469 hp if the owner will go for the flagship Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet. The AMG division will also reportedly bring the C43 AMG Coupe at the Swiss event – branded as a proper AMG after the carmaker decided to abolish the AMG Sports line.

Via GT Spirit


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