Report – Mini could be delivering Clubman-based sedan named “Riley” image

According to unrevealed sources from within Mini’s parent company BMW AG, the British automaker could deliver an all-new sedan model as its fifth core variant, with global availability but a focus on North America and China.

The rumored saloon could also bring back the “Riley” moniker and if it pans out the donor architecture would come from the Clubman version, including the 2,670-mm wheelbase. If the Mini sedan goes into production, it could reach to an overall length of 169.2 inches (4,300 mm) and have a design inspired by the Clubman, but with the addition of a third volume trunk. Naturally, if the model gets green-lighted, the range of powertrains is already known as the sedan would simply take the range of three- and four-cylinder turbocharged engines from the rest of the Mini family – with the diesel ones most likely reserved to European buyers.

This new rumor should still be taken with a pinch of salt but it has big chances to pan out because a mere two months ago Mini’s chief Peter Schwarzenbauer said that such a body style would be the biggest contender to the fifth core model placement thanks to its assumed sales volume. This in turn makes the beautiful Superleggera concept a viable candidate to the history drawer. There are still business cases to discuss though as BMW is preparing the China-exclusive front wheel drive 1 Series sedan – and that one may also end up later on in Europe and North America.