Report – Mini executive plays sedan card, probably Superleggera is out of the picture image

While the Mini Superleggera concept has been presented almost two years ago, the fan base has been spreading numerous rumors about its possible production version.

But the latest report comes to contradict the popular belief that a Superleggera model is in the works, as the business case within the company is actually directed towards an entirely different body style – a sedan. Mini’s chief Peter Schwarzenbauer has been interviewed recently and he was quoted as commenting the Superleggera concept being turned into a production version has remained a possibility – though the aforementioned business case is really hard to find since manufacturing it would be prohibitively expensive and the sales volume would be very small. “Halo cars are economically not always great. It is a trade-off: How much does it do for the brand and how do you make it feasible?” added Schwarzenbauer.

Instead, he went on to hint a sedan would be a more sensible choice for the company because it has the highest volume span – though a decision would come later on this year and thus the winning bid would morph into the fifth vehicle in the mini range. Aside from hinting the preparation of an all new model under the brand, the manager went on to confirm the brand’s plans for plug-in hybrid and an electric vehicle. The first one – the plug-in hybrid – should be here around 2018 and the electric vehicle is even further down the pipeline – still in the planning stage currently and the company is still looking to harness the upcoming developments in terms of battery technology development.

Via Automotive News