Report – Mini’s off-beat radical concepts – Rocketman and Superleggera – could still be produced image

The Mini brand has been pretty much down to Earth these past few years, but a new report tips the brand’s desire to spice things up by delivering production versions of its quirkiest concepts.

Thanks to massively positive feedback from the fan community and the specialists, Mini is reportedly looking into delivering production versions of the Rocketman city car and the Superleggera. The first one could morph into an all-electric model while the latter could be tipped against the Mazda MX-5 roadster. According to a recent interview with Mini product chief Ralph Mahler, the brand with German parentage was exploring whether a mini car “can be a possibility or not” and also added Mini had “nothing against” making a tiny car such as the Rocketman – as it would tie in with the original’s heritage.

The Rocketman has been brought to life back in 2011 and stands at a mere 3.2 meters in length. Back then the lack of an appropriate platform and the engineering difficulties involving the reduced dimensions made the executives shelf the project. Now Mahler tipped the recent evolutions of electric technology meant the Rocketman is technically feasible as the smaller packaging trumps the requirement of conventional powertrains. The 2014 Superleggera Vision is also “the second concept that’s inspiring us at the moment”, according to Mahler, though no decisions have been taken yet about its production future.

Via Autocar