According to the latest report from the media, during a visit to South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, MMC CEO and president, Osamu Masuko, made the announcement.

The executive in charge over at the Japanese automaker was really not specific on details, only adding the ‘mini SUV EV’ will be coming out on the global markets in about four years time and will boast a maximum range of around 400 kilometers (248 miles). Mitsubishi, currently in a precarious state due to its own fuel consumption related problems, has been keen on delivering numerous alternatively-powered concepts in recent years – and it was about time they would boil down to concrete plans to have a larger green range of models.

This pure electric car might also be just the right kind of publicity the automaker needs when confronted with its own fuel economy scandal – and we’re hoping it’s not just a smoke screen meant to divert everyone’s attention from the current state of the company. Nissan has decided to own 34 percent of Mitsubishi Motors for $2.17 billion, so the development and creation process should benefit – especially since Nissan is now the main shareholder and is keenly interested in an electrified future. The control takeover is already expected to deliver the next generation Navara and L200 pickups on the same platform, and it wouldn’t be unthinkable if Mitsubishi would use the powertrain from the next generation Leaf in its own models.



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