Report – Mitsubishi now goes to Nissan to source new sedan image

Last week the Japanese automaker was announcing it decided to axe the initiative to use a Renault-sourced platform and the French company’s South Korean subsidiary to produce a much-needed refresh to the midsize sedan segment.

Now, the ailing carmaker is discussing the alternative very close to the French automaker – with its alliance partner Nissan. The automaker and Mitsubishi started negotiating the idea of partnering for the badly needed midsize vehicle after the deal with Renault had to be sacked because of increased development and production costs due to currency shifts. The Nissan-Mitsubishi talks have been reported by Automotive News Europe, with the source coming from Nissan. The agreement is badly needed by Mitsubishi because it needs a new midsize sedan for the US market where the sparse lineup and quite old compact Lancer sedan have yielded modest results since the automaker discontinued the midsize Galant.

The Japanese automaker has not confirmed the idea of working with its rival to ease research and development and other production costs, though Mitsubishi does make efforts to salvage the plan to produce a much-needed replacement for the ageing Lancer compact. On the other hand, according to a company spokesperson, the plans to bring a successor for the Galant have been placed now on indefinite hold. The Japanese automaker is naturally supporting the Lancer sedan due to its global importance, with the model sold in all markets – including the United States. The larger-sized model that was considered from the now discontinued Renault partnership would have catered exclusively for American customers.

Via Automotive News Europe