Mitsubishi Motors is developing an electric light truck scheduled for launch in fiscal year 2012, the Nikkei business daily newspaper wrote.

The electric truck will be aimed at farmers, contractors and other users who need light trucks for their work. Mitsubishi’s third electric vehicle will be only one of the variety of electrified vehicles the company hopes to launch worldwide by 2016. By April 2013, the Japanese automaker wants to launch a plug-in hybrid crossover on global markets, which will be based on the Outlander.

Mitsubishi will begin retail deliveries of its first electric vehicle, the i minicar, to American customers next month. The car has been on sale in Japan since 2009, where it is marketed as the i-MiEV. The carmaker plans to reposition itself as a global leader in electric vehicles by launching eight electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles around the world by 2016.

So far there is no information that the electric light truck will be available in the U.S. market. According to Mitsubishi officials, the U.S. market isn’t likely to get all of the eight EVs or PHEVs the company plans to launch by 2016.

Mitsubishi is targeting sales of 42,000 electric vehicles worldwide in fiscal year 2012, twice the number projected for this fiscal year. According to Nikkei, the electric truck will cost less than $19,200 after government subsidies, making it cheaper than its two existing EVs.


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