Report – Mitsubishi still considering an Evo – though it might become an SUV in 2023 image

The Japanese automaker – engulfed by trouble – has decided to kill off the rally legend that the Lancer Evo has been and always be, when back in 2015 they presented the Final Edition for the already very old generation.

Now safely under the umbrella of the Renault Nissan Alliance, the folks over at Mitsubishi are contemplating the future – one that doesn’t involve a direct successor, but rather something entirely different. According to a recent interview with the company’s global chief, Trevor Mann, there’s still hope for the Evo badge, though not as quick as one might expect, because plans are being put into motion for a performance model to appear in the long-term, not the mid-term. And he even clarified what’s going on in the backroom – pointing out it will happen in six years and it won’t actually be a sedan. That sounds like SUV hints, which is not surprising considering the segment’s good fortunes around the world and Mitsubishi’s desire to get a very focused SUV range.

By the way, leaving aside the halo car attributes that a Lancer Evolution has always had and speaking of the regular model, it turns out this one isn’t as dead as we thought. The model, which is close to reaching a decade in this current iteration will stop being produced since August at the Mizushima plant in Japan – meaning the US model will also die – but soldier on at a factory in Taiwan.

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