Report – More SVR models under way at Jaguar Land Rover image

The Special Vehicle Operations division at Jaguar Land Rover has been expanding its business lately, and the latest rumor flying off the mill claims this has to do with the plans to bring about even more SVR models on the market.

According to the latest report, Jaguar Land Rover might be planning to deliver a new SVR model almost every year until the turn of the decade. That would be great additions to the current team of SVR versions, namely the Range Rover Sport SVR and Jaguar F-Type SVR. Apparently JLR is investing heavily in the SVO unit, the latter fully responsible for the SVR models. Earlier this week in Coventry, England a new SVO Technical Centre worth £20 million ($26 million) opened, with 250 new jobs in tow at the site. So far, since it was established back in 2014, the SVO division has churned out projects such as the F-Type-based Jaguar Project 7, the incredible Range Rover SVAutobiography, and the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight continuation cars.

Now that its build capacity is increasing, JLR is also planning on SVO to deliver models through a Bespoke Commissioning service, akin to Bentley’s Mulliner. “Our business plans are driven by the desire for ‘halo’ vehicles and other exclusive products from customers in all corners of the globe. The vision for Special Vehicle Operations is to launch one new SVO car every year, on average, for at least the next four years,” comments John Edwards, Managing Director of SVO. And even Jaguar Land Rover Classic has a new headquarters – the unit being tasked to handle all business related to older JLR models.