Report – Musk wants 2 to 3 more Tesla Gigafactories in US image

Tesla’s CEO is again reiterating the company’s growth strategy that involves the construction of new Gigafactories – and the locations, all in America this time, set to be unveiled this very year.

Overseas factories seem to be on stand by for the time being, with Musk focusing the attention of the company to US – apparently “2 or 3” more Tesla Gigafactories are coming to its home country. The bodes well with the shareholder meeting rumors from last month that saw an internal announcement of 3 more Gigafactory locations that would take care of both vehicle production and battery pack assembly. So far rumors involved locales in Europe and Asia – with Tesla even confirming it was discussing officially with the local authorities of Shanghai to start manufacturing there. It’s of note that Tesla is calling all of its facilities Gigafactories now.

During the recent National Governors Association meeting – where Musk called for legislative oversight of AI endeavors – Musk also allegedly confirmed that “2 or 3 more Tesla Gigafactories” are being envisioned at home in the US “within the next few years.” The stage was of course with huge potential – any of the governors attending would want that factory in their state. Right now, Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is just about 30% complete, but already hard at work making components for the Model 3 – battery packs and powertrains – which are then shipped to the Fremont facility for final assembly.

Via Electrek