Report: NASCAR fans understand risks of attending races image

Many fans coming to watch the Daytona 500 on Sunday said they wouldn’t fear sitting where fans were injured the day before.

However, some admitted they were concerned about the the cars roaring past at 190 mph so close to them. 44-year-old David Nobles, of Huntingtown, Maryland, told USA TODAY that he had some concerns about sitting in the same seats on Sunday in Section I where parts landed 15 to 20 feet from him and his son the day before.

“Yes and no. You realize what the fence will do, but you’re also more aware of what it looks like with 190 mph coming right at you. The car was coming right this way,” Nobles said.

Minutes before the start of the race, Mike and Virginia Edenfield of Savannah, Georgia, reached to their front-row seats in Section I. In front of them were repaired sections of the fence, marked by clusters of U-bolts holding together steel cables that support the fencing.

However, they weren’t concerned for what many might see as a precarious viewing position. “If they let me stand out on the racetrack, I would,” Virginia joked. Other fans agreed that the crash and injuries wouldn’t discourage them from watching a race from the same area.