Report – New Audi V8 engine could actually be the swan song image

According to a recent report, the all-new V8 designed by Audi and slated for use across the entire VW Group is actually the last of its kind, as the automaker moves towards electrification.

The four-ringed brand is also moving faster towards electric powertrains – mainly because of the Dieselgate scandal that has swooped the group – with a strategy to have 25 to 35 percent of its entire range operating on batteries by 2025, according to the most recent rumor. That manes the investments are starting to tip the scale towards green powertrains, which in turn jeopardizes the upcoming existence of another brand new V8 engine. “It would be very difficult to justify the huge investment in another new V8 because of the cost of developing electric drivetrains and battery packs. You have to ask what is the best use of investment money,” commented an unnamed source cited by British media.

This all-new V8 engine has just been introduced as a diesel in the Audi SQ7, where it packs not only two conventional turbos but also an electric supercharger that helps the turbochargers reach operating efficiency faster. This engine will also be derived as a gasoline installment and used for the Audi, Bentley and Porsche brands. The internal whisper also calls the all new Panamera V8 diesel as a “really, really impressive” work of engineering.

Via Autocar