Report: new-car sales in Italy up 25% in April image

Italy has just reported higher car sales in April. With registrations rising 24.7% compared to the same month last year, the country has sold up until now 148,807 vehicles according to Italy’s Ministry of Transport.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ share of the Italian market also saw a small increase from 28.49% in March to 29.12% in April as stated by Reuters. However, the company is boosting car discounts on a large number of models and has turned to selling sedans and compacts that were unpopular to rental-car companies and corporate fleets. Rumor has it CEO Sergios Marchionne is thinking about merging FCA with a massive car producer like Ford Motors or GM.

Getting back to the good news for the auto market, with its 24.7% growth, Italy has joined France and Spain in terms of growth in the car sales department.

According to the committee of French automakers CCFA, the car sales in France went up 2.3% in April to 170,768 registrations. The number one seller spot was taken by Renault, witch managed to surpass Peugeot.

Spain has also see a 3.2% increase in April with 82,715 cars sold as the car manufacturers’ association ANFAC announced. The growth was yet majorly small compared to a 40.5% increase Spain has seen in car sales in March, which  was the last month a government-backed scrappage scheme would be available to the public.

The European recovery has continued for the past months as the improving economy led to an increase in demands for vehicles produced by automakers like Volkswagen Group, Renault Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In March, the monthly registrations went up 11% compared to those in 2014, making March the biggest gainer in at least a year.


By Gabriela Florea