Report – New generation BMW I8 could become fully electric image

The Bavarian brand is only currently working on the refreshed version of the hybrid sports car, but as always, it’s also laying the foundation stones for the upcoming next installment.

And a recent rumor flying off the mill has uncovered some of its secrets – most importantly the full electric powertrain and 750 hp with 300 mile-range credentials. These figures all sound good – since the Tesla Model S sedan is already around there and competition is heating up with the introduction of the Porsche Mission E production version, but we should still take this info with the necessary grain of salt. As it goes, the report states the new i8 will be refreshingly different from the current iteration, giving up the meager 1.5-liter combustion engine and in turn have three electric motors that will deliver a combined total output of 750 horsepower (559 kilowatts).

Aside from being much more powerful than its predecessor, the new i8 will of course pack way better batteries, good for a range of around 300 miles (482 kilometers). BMW is also looking to spice things up on the driving front, where dynamics should be vastly improved via a four-wheel steering system, torque vectoring capabilities, and an active suspension. There’s also another report as of late that states the full electric capabilities would come even sooner – with the refreshed i8 also delivered as a zero emissions vehicle in the upcoming years – before the expected 2022 – 2023 introduction of the new generation.