Report – New generation Peugeot 508 coming in 2018 image

According to the latest rumor on the block, the big Peugeot 508 sedan and wagon will not get the axe at the end of the current generational run, but instead live on in the company lineup.

The latest report claims Maxime Picat, the Peugeot chief, has confirmed the model will get a new generation, but most likely it won’t live on in the current form as the brand is looking for a complete restyling that would make it more interesting for the markets beyond the core regions. The large saloon and estate models are good sellers in certain markets – for example in France owns 20 percent of its segment, then Spain and Belgium – but has its work cut out for it against more upscale rivals in other regions, such as the United Kingdom. Picat did comment recently the 508 “across the average of European sales, it is worth doing and it is profitable”, and he also said the model will get a replacement sometimes around 2018.

“The question is whether we repeat the same 4.8-metre saloon design or not. So it might be that we look at changing some of the car’s capabilities in order to compete. We won’t take a big risk, but we can move the lines of where the class is and we can be a little bold. We have a solution which, we think, is a good surprise,” commented recently the executive. The business case for a quirky 508 might be supported by the recent plans of the PSA group to further grow the DS lineup and move Citroen towards the comfort and stylish end of the segment.

Via Autocar