With the arrival of the subcompact T-Roc, all eyes are on Volkswagen’s SUV lineup and naturally questions started pouring out towards the highly anticipated reveal of the third generation Touareg.

Fans have been waiting for quite a long time for a new Touareg, one that will see itself positioned towards the premium segment, and hopefully we have good news. According to a media report citing Herbert Diess, the VW brand chief, the Touareg will be unwrapped sometime ahead of November when production is expected to kick off. Traditionally, the manufacturing process of the midsize SUV is set to take place in Bratislava, Slovakia where the group kin Audi Q7 also comes off the assembly lines. This is also where the next generation Porsche Cayenne will be produced, so it’s safe to say the plant is the central core for the top line SUVs in the group (even the bodies for the Bentayga come to life there).

The common manufacturing location has to do with the use of the Volkswagen Group’s flexible MLB Evo architecture, which is also going to underpin the upcoming Lamborghini Urus (though the latter is made at home in Italy). The Touareg (first generation pictured) is expected to adopt the latest styling cues, including the headlight-grille combination as seen on the Arteon. The new platform should also save some weight, even though dimensions will be enhanced to make even more room inside.



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