The great-looking Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept (pictured) was premiered by the Japanese company during the North American International Auto Show in January, but apparently that’s not all.

The futuristic EV sedan will be joined soon by a new Vmotion 3.0 concept – neither might make it into series production but we can be sure they’ll influence the design language at the company in the immediate future. More so, since we’re dealing this time with a crossover prototype, maybe Nissan is paving the way for a future production SUV with fully electric powertrain to compete with the likes of Tesla. According to the rumor mill, the new Vmotion 3.0 concept will premiere during the fall show period, meaning it could arrive at the Frankfurt Motor Show or later on in October at the home venue of Tokyo’s Motor Show.

The concept is also not merely another EV because it is rumored to combine three critical features for any global automaker – electrification, autonomous driving, and connected features. “We are now working on 3.0 for the future direction,” previously commented Nissan Executive Design Director, Mamoru Aoki. It will retain the full electric powertrain and also feature an evolution of the new “emotional geometry” styling language. “We are clearly focusing our attention on a crossover EV,” said Daniele Schillaci, Vice President for Zero Emissions Vehicles. “The crossover will really embody the latest Nissan Intelligent Mobility features.”

Via Automotive News


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