Report – New Porsche 911 to come with hybrid application image

Spy shots of the next generation 911 with the production-ready design are slowly coming to surface across the Internet, a good occasion to also catch the latest rumors about the iconic German sports car.

Apparently the most important detail swirling across the rumor mill is the next generation 911 is going to be the first one to come with a form of electrification when it will be introduced before the end of next year. The make’s prototypes have been caught lately undergoing testing on the public streets and at the famed Nurburgring track, so there were plenty of occasions for spy photographers to do their work. As far as the interior shots are concerned, the biggest reveal comes in the form of a new, all-digital instrument cluster – most likely the same technology as seen on the Audi Virtual Cockpit but adapted for the group companion.

The development cars all sport a wider track, which is considered another hint towards the first apparition inside a 911 of an electrically assisted powertrain. Porsche engineers have already hinted in the past the company is looking at ways to fit the 911 body with a hybrid powertrain. “There are discussions,” commented 911 product line director Erhard Mössle some time ago. “It’s clear that we have to do something. We have to meet the CO2 regulations in 2020. The technology available is not far away from meeting our goals for such a car in terms of range and charging speed.”

Via Autocar