While Tesla is quite busy dealing with the incredible interest for the Model 3, as well as inherent production and quality issues associated with the Model S and X flagships, the rumor mill thinks it has time to think about a successor for the Roadster as well.

As such, the latest report indicates there are some pretty juicy details to be shared about the second generation Roadster model, which is tipped for a 2019 arrival. According to the rumors, the California-based automaker is already working on the successor – and if this is the case Tesla did a fine job hiding the development from everyone as this is the first time we hear about a scheduled arrival. It appears Tesla’s Nordic Countries Manager Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen has been the one to “bleed” the first details about the new Roadster. He did it during a presentation at an electronics trade fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he said the open top electric sports car will “look a little different” and will be “a little faster and a little bigger.”

The details are still rather shrouded in mystery but it appears the Roadster could adopt a modified version of the Model 3 architecture, with a more powerful electric motor and better batteries compared to the previous incarnation. Before all that happens though Tesla needs to make good on promised Roadster 3.0 upgrade for the current model which has been revealed more than a year ago. That one includes a new aero kit, new tires with lower rolling resistance, and a new battery pack with LG cells.

Via Electrek


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