Report – New Toyota Supra coming under Gazoo branding image

The Japanese automaker will allegedly use the name of its motorsport division for a road performance subbrand and the first – and halo – unit would be the upcoming 2018 Supra hybrid sports car.

Apparently the chief of Gazoo Racing, Koei Saga, has hinted on the sidelines of the Monte Carlo Rally, where the parent company fielded for the first time the new Yaris WRC, that making the halo Supra is a dream coming true for both the company and its fans. He also hinted the Gazoo performance subbrand has starting using the brand’s racing hybrid powertrain technology. According to other reports, the Supra will bear the Gazoo moniker – simply because all performance models will be using it, as revealed officially by Toyota.

There’s no indication yet if the Supra will also bear the Toyota logo or just go for the Gazoo Supra. Saga also expressed interest in having more hybrid Gazoo models in the near future as they put the technology front and center in their strategy. Of course, the first product to bear the Gazoo branding will be the performance Yaris that will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show in March honoring the connection with the newly minted Yaris WRC. Sold only as a three-door, the hot Yaris will feature a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine with more than 210 hp.

Via Autocar