Report – New TVR sports car already previewed for select buyers image

TVR – a British sports car manufacturer – has been reborn and has been teasing us to the arrival of a new model for months now, but it seems those who placed a deposit have already been granted special visiting privileges.

It appears the upcoming buyers have had the pleasure of viewing the new V8 rear-wheel-drive coupe in reality, even though the rest of us still have to wait several months to see the completed car. The new model is reportedly also resurrecting the iconic “Griffith” nameplate, the new performance coupe showcased during a private event in the United Kingdom days ago to early adopters. The car will premiere in September, but it seems the fortunate few that have already seen it in private have also been granted privileged access to the technical specifications.

Report – New TVR sports car already previewed for select buyers 0

As far as we know, the new rear-wheel-drive sports car will be motivated by a front-mounted V8 engine developed by Cosworth and packing more than 400 hp (almost 300 kW). The retro-designed coupe is also said to tip the scales at around 1,200 kg (2,645 pounds), thus covering the 60 mph (96 kph) sprint in no more than four seconds before maxing out at a good 200 mph (322 kph). By the way, if you also want to place a deposit, the limited-run Launch Edition might be under £90,000, carrying a sensible premium over the regular model.

Via Autocar