Report – Next generation Porsche 911 sticking with six-bangers and adding plug-in hybrid solution image

The German automaker’s 911 engineering chief, Erhard Mossle, has recently commented on the new generation 911 while on the sidelines of the North American Auto Show in Detroit.

Turbocharging is spreading across the board at Porsche – the new 718 Boxster and Cayman models are getting it alongside new four-cylinder engines – while the big 911 brother already sees it spreading beyond the regular Turbo version. And when the next generation comes within the next four years, Mossle hinted the company is exploring all possible solution and confirmed they are indeed working on a pure battery-driven electric car. As far as the plug-in hybrid 911 is concerned, he tipped the schedule to corroborate the version with the next generation. He added the model would remain performance-oriented and the eco tech would be paired with the six cylinder engines.

“As far as I can see we will stick with six-cylinder engines because we have a good positioning with 911 and six cylinder and 718 with four cylinders. Even the six cylinder engines have a lot of potential to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. When we see the 911 we see the plug-in hybrid as a performance car – it will always be for performance,” he said during an interview with Auto Express. He also added the brand was the development leader in terms of VW group’s performance hybrid development, since they extensively researched the powertrain when developing the 918 Spyder. The new 911 Turbo has just been released and comes after the automaker presented the refreshed and now turbocharged Carrera models.

Via Auto Express